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Del Mar Media Arts opened its doors in 1980 to fill a need by providing a place where established performers and newcomers to the industry could find safe, economical, and effective programs.


For many years Del Mar Media Arts operated under the strict approval of The State of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. Although current legislation no longer requires compliance, Del Mar has chosen to continue to operate with the same high standard of educational excellence.


DMA's prices are competitive with other studios, include many extras, and avoid the hidden charges so prevalent in our competitor's programs.

We are not a photography studio. Pictures are not required, sold, or in any way connected with DMA.


Portfolios, pageant entry, costly magazines, and video demos, which many other studios pressure their students to purchase at prices ranging from $1500-$5000, are not used in the legitimate business of TV commercials and film. Beware!

Our voice over classes cost approximately one tenth the amount of broadcasting courses.

We do not require our graduates to sign managerial contracts. We claim no percentage of your future earnings.


Our theory is:

Success = Opportunity Meeting Preparation

At DMA, we prepare our students by providing the finest training available anywhere.

The opportunity comes in the many ways we expose our students to the tops in the industry: SAG agents, casting directors, and celebrities who have established themselves as winners and who are ready to pass their secrets on to others who truly have the desire to work hard and achieve success.

Don't miss our free class. Come and meet the staff, have your questions answered, and discover for yourself why DMA has become one of the most respected training facilities for TV, film, commercials, voice-over, narration, and announcing on the West Coast. Join us at our next free class on April 3, 2019 at 07:00 pm .

Our system works.

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