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There are many success stories from DMMA's current students and working graduates.
Here are just a few.

  • Jim Curran — Traffic reporter for KFI Radio
  • Deanna Meddaugh — Voice/Power Rangers
  • Shannon Torrence — NCL Cruises
  • Ed Brown — Kaiser Permanente, 1-800-DENTIST
  • Teresa Gallarza — Disney, Canon Copiers
  • Susie Shakespeare — L'Oreal
  • Greg Binkley — "Dan" from Del Taco
  • Michelle Torena — Mercedes Benz
  • Reed Noble — Carl's Jr., Oakley Sunglasses, San Diego Zoo (Voiceover)

"Dear Bud and Bunny,

I did it! I got, not just my first job, my first TWO jobs! Both of them were with the same production company, but two different products. I think there is a bright future for me in infomercials. Look for me cleaning air filters and giving testimonial to chocolate gum.

I had a wondeful experience and enjoyed myself immensely. I wanted to share my elation with both of you, and thank you for helping me to fulfill a dream. I cannot wait to do it again."

— Cathie Allman —

"Dear Bud and Bunny -

It's official!!! I am a professional voice-over artist!!!! Hooray! I got my first job with Disney on a Power Rangers DVD set!! It was so much fun! It was amazing because I had confidence and a high level of comfort working with the equipment and following direction. I was totally comfortable in an environment that would have been intimidating without the training you provided me with! The director e-mailed me to say they were pleased with my performance and they hope to use me again in the future, very exciting!! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the incredible experiences you allowed us to have in class! You have inspired so much growth for me, not only as a performer, but as a person and I am eternally grateful to you!! Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to come back and take more classes!!!"

— Deanna Meddaugh —

"Dear Bud and Bunny:

I cannot thank you both enough for all of the excellent training at Del Mar Media Arts. At your acting courses, I was introduced to a commercial agent. Since signing with the agent in November, 2004, I began auditioning for commercial roles. Since then, I have had over twenty (20) auditions. Your commercial class was very helpful. I knew what to expect at my first audition and was therefore not very nervous. I continue to review my notes from Del Mar classes. They help me do my very best at auditions.

I was fortunate to film a SAG commercial early this month that will go national in February. I shot another commercial last month. I have finished three short films, all with good speaking roles. One film will be seen at a lot of festivals this year. Your scene study and production classes were very helpful in introducing me to a film set.

I am proof that one does not have to be young, trim or good looking to have success in this field. But I do know that training is very important. The classes at Del Mar have been a great help and you two have been wonderful. Thanks again.


— Ed Brown —
  • Jeff Bott — Ryder Truck, KABC's Larry Elder Show, Millie's Restautants
  • Bob Gunton —, Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, BMW, Disney
  • Kirk De Marco — Mail Boxes, Etc., Black & Decker, Southwest Airlines, Wyndam Hotels
  • Joni Ross — Bryman Schools
  • John Johansen — Coinstar, History Channel's Price of War (voiceover)
  • Janet Ryan — Value Rite Pharmacies
  • John Hull — ESPN's Follow the Leaders
  • Pat Rick — The Tonight Show (Skit)
  • Christina Fondosa — Sea World

"Dear Bud and Bunny,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I booked my first national radio commercial. It is for The company Coinstar (the big green coin machines). None of this would have been possible without all of Your training, patience, and experience. Thank you very Much and I look forward to future classes at DMMA.


— John Johansen —

"Dear Bud & Bunny

I am a former student of yours and thought I would drop you a long over due note of thanks. Since my classes, (taken in the mid-nineties), I have been blessed being able to pursue my dream. I have, now, in my credits, many, many voice over projects -- on the local, regional, and national levels- from funky little PSAs to documentaries for the US Department of Agriculture. I have been in many commercial and non-broadcast videos and films for clients such as Hewlett Packard, Nike, Intel, Xerox and the Oregon Legislature. I've had the pleasure of working on independent films and in the theater. I also was fortunate enough to be cast and receive film credit in Gus Van Santos, Elephant. The film won the Palme dOr and best director at Cannes in 2003 -- oh, and I got a really cool jacket :).

Any how, I just wanted to thank you both for your guidance and encouragement and to let you know that it worked. I hope all is well with you and wish you continued success!!

Warmest Regards,"

— Kim Kenney —

"Dear Bunny and Bud:

I wanted to give you an update on what has been happening. Since getting an agent with your assistance, I have done over 60 radio and television commercial voiceovers for clients such as Mailboxes Etc., The PGA Tour,, Southwest Airlines, Farmers Insurance,, Simply Postage, and Black and Decker. It has been so much fun and the financial rewards have been great.

I look forward to continuing my training with you, and I look forward to what lies ahead with great anticipation.

Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

Very Truly yours,"

— Kirk F. Lapple —

"To: Bud & Bunny Barth

It's been quite a few years since Wayne and I were taking your classes. We continue to practice what you have taught us!

Brand keeps us both busy with print, commercial, and industrial jobs. It's been fun all these years and we plan to continue working as we get older and older!

When we refer friends to you we always tell them that this, Del Mar Media Arts, is the way to start! In your introductory class this evening there should be three friends that we have referred to you.

Hope that you are both doing well.

Let us know if you ever need us to stop buy to encourage your students. We would be happy to do that. Wayne and I both feel very fortunate and credit our success with the training and absolutely excellent advice you gave us.


— Renate Snow Poe —
  • Tony Roselli — National Car Rental, Foster's Beer
  • Andrea Cooper — McDonald's, Mervyn's, Pepsi
  • John Thompson — Days of Our Lives
  • John Swartzbaugh — Pearl Drops Toothpaste, Carl's Jr., The UPS Store
  • Carey Bishop — AT&T
  • Marisa Tayui — Fox Family Channel's Monster Ranger
  • Larry Blank — Rite Aid Pharmacies
  • Scott Nielson — Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Mitsubishi, Nissan
  • Gary De Vinna — Sears

"Dear Bud and Bunny,

Just wanted to say hello, wish you a Happy New Year and give you an update. I am still without an L.A. agent, but signed with one in Utah and have a great manager here, and have booked 3 VO jobs since December! You can hear me as the new voice of Norweigan Cruise Lines-the commercial is running on both radio and TV at the moment- it�s the one with the catchy jingle to the tune of, "Let's Go to the Hop", so listen out for it. I also did some work on the interactive track for the "Lizzie McGuire" Box Set DVD and just finished recording a TV infomercial as well. Please keep me in mind for future casting opportunities, will you? I'd love to work with you again soon. I'd like to thank you once again for your mentorship, encouragement and inspiration-I could not have done it without you!

All the Best,"

— Shannon Torrence —

"Dear Bud and Bunny,

I thought I would take a moment to share all the new and exciting things that have happened to me in the past few months. Since starting your commercial class I have picked up an agent, filmed two commercials, and my agent sends me out on castings at least once to twice a week. It doesn't get much sweeter than that!!!

All the training I have had at Del Mar Media Arts, film, production and V/O�s has been awesome. I am truly grateful to both of you.

Thank you for helping my dreams come true.


— Teresa Rogers —

"Hello Bud and Bunny,

I had a successful audition recently for a new book-on-disk version of the Bible that's going to be done at Bill Trousdale's studio. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the voiceover instruction I received at Del Mar and for initially hooking me up with Bill, Allison Moffat and Joe McNeil, all of whom had a hand in it.

Many Thanks,


— Tom Orr —

"Dear Bud and Bunny,

Less than a year ago, I walked into Del Mar Media wondering if I had "what it takes."

Last weekend, I was in my first infomercial -- and I got paid for it!

Words will never express how grateful I am for all your training and support.

Warm Yours,"

— Walt Lusk —
  • Vernon Buchman — Infiniti
  • Mario Lopez — NBC's The Other Side, Kids, Inc., and Saved by the Bell, Pet Star
  • Jeanette Chait — Coca Cola, Las Vegas Tourist Bureau, KFC (with Jason Alexander)
  • Chris Catalfamo — Mead School Supplies, Axe Body Spray
  • Staan Sorensen — Best Western Motels
  • Dawn Smith — Southern California Edison
  • Dudley Davies — Friskies Cat Food
  • Monica Johns — KFC, Red Hanger, Mervyn's
  • Amanda Kuhn — Century 21, Midas, McDonald's
  • Jason Marsden — Disney's A Goofy Movie, Spirited Away, & Junglebook babies (voices)
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